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Eric Clausen

Zine Workshop: Informal, Tactile, Portable

Friday, April 12 - 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Rosa Deal Room 109



Eric C has a diverse practice as a professional illustrator, sign painter, muralist, designer, gameshow host, podcaster, and storyteller. His work explores first person narratives and their relationship to the psychogeography of the authors. He currently teaches at Christian Brothers University and works remotely for Columbia University. He received his MFA from Rutgers University.


Zine Workshop: Informal, Tactile, Portable

Before twitter, instagram, blogs, tumblr, and geocities, the only way to get your messages and meanderings to the masses were through small, folded pieces of paper. Please join local artist Eric C for an interactive panel workshop featuring several seasoned zinesters exploring some zine techniques and the revival of physical media in our digital age.