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Karyna McGlynn

Breaking into the House: Transforming Fear into Fodder

Thursday, April 11 - 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Rosa Deal Room 303



Karyna McGlynn is the author of Hothouse (Sarabande 2017), The 9-Day Queen Gets Lost on Her Way to the Execution (Willow Springs 2016), and I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl (Sarabande 2009).  Her poems have recently appeared in The Kenyon Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Witness, Georgia Review, New England Review, and The Academy of American Poet’s Poem-A-Day. Karyna is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Christian Brothers University in Memphis. Find her online at www.karyna.io


Breaking into the House: Transforming Fear into Fodder

The poet Mary Ruefle calls fear “desire’s dark dress, its doppelgänger.” She also claims it is our biggest motivator. Thus the maxim, “write what scares you.”But writing from fear is easier said than done—especially since such efforts tend to feel indulgent and rife with abstractions like “pain” and “solitude.” In this fast-paced master class, we will do a series of generative exercises designed to help you break into your subconscious mind, your child mind that often stays hidden for long stretches of time—that primal core where dreams and trauma are busy weaving the raw material of vivid poetry. A packet of my favorite scary poems will be provided. Bring a notebook, a pen, and a backpack full of your biggest demons!