How do I get to CBU?

Our address is 650 E Pkwy S, Memphis, TN 38104, Google Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/Q8kkE1RtWNB2

Do I have to register to attend the conference?

Yes, everyone who attends the conference must be registered and paid by the registration date that as cited on the Southern Literary Festival website. If your college or university has paid their registration, you can attend.

Is the entire event open to the public?

The only event open to the public is the talk and reading that is to be given by Chris Offutt, and an open mic night is also open to the public.

Is Wi-Fi available during the event?

Yes, WIFI is available and the password and other information will be given to you in your welcome packet the day of your arrival.

Where can I find more information about the conference?

You can visit the website at https://www.southernliteraryfestival.org/

What should I bring to a festival?

Pens (or pencils), paper, your favorite book, and an eager mindset to learn more about literature. Don’t forget to pack accordingly due to the unpredictable weather conditions Memphis has to offer. Sunglasses and an umbrella are highly recommended.

Where do I park?

Parking is located inside the lot entrance on Central Avenue. Our campus map is available to download at www.southernliteraryfestival.org under the “Contact” tab.

Do I need a parking tag/pass?

Yes. A visitors parking pass will be emailed to your faculty advisor. We will also have extra copies at the registration table.

How do I get from Rosa Deal to the Alfonso Dining Hall?

Alfonso Dining Hall is located in the Thomas Center located on your maps. Going out the main doors near the registration tables, go straight following the sidewalk until you reach the side of the loading docks. Follow signs from there.Remember to take your $8/all-you-can-eat meal coupon with you.

Where are the restrooms located in the conference building (Rosa Deal)?

Restrooms are located on each floor. On the first floor, the bathroom is located around the corner from the lobby past the language lab on your left. The rest of the restrooms are located near the landing of each floor to the right. There is also a gender neutral or family bathroom on the second floor to your left in the corner.

Will there be lodging accommodation's?

Yes, accommodations for lodging can be round on the Southern Literary Festival Website under accommodations or you may lodge at your own expense

What are the food options on campus?

On-campus food options include the Alfonso Dining Hall, The Buccaneer Café, and Canale Café. Each has their own hours of operation. On Friday, lunch will be available for purchase at the food trucks outside of Rosa Deal. Tickets are available for purchase for a small cover price to attend the Buckaroo activities and access the food trucks on Friday night. '

Where are the best food places near the Christian Brothers campus?

Within walking distance, we have Subway, 901 Grille, and Central Barbeque right off Central and E. Parkway.

There are several cafes (Java Cabana, Otherlands) and sit down dining locations in the Cooper Young area (Cafe Ole, Mulan, Hattie B’s, Young Ave Deli,) to choose from that are less than 5 minutes away via car.

For the fast food eateries (Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, Panera, Zaxby’s) located on Union Ave. and is just a short drive from campus.

Where’s the nearest ice cream place?

Sweet Noshings in Overton Square (2113 Madison Ave.) is a 5-minute drive away from the school and a 20 minute walk away. Treats such as $4.00 double scooped ice cream cones, select flavored popcorn, and a utopia of candies are just a few Midtown favorites! Another favorite is Railgarten (2166 Central Ave.), which is a 15 minute walk away from CBU.

Is the CBU pool going to be open during the conference?

No, unfortunately, the pool will not be opened in early April.

Will there be areas to workout and/or exercise in close vicinity of the festival site?

The gym is located near the Buckman Hall. Make sure you bring your state id in order to get in. Our computer lab also has 24 hr access for you. This is located right across from the St. Joseph’s hall. You can hang out at our newest addition to Christian Brothers, the Swashbuckler near the buc and the engineering building. There are YMCA's, a Planet Fitness, and the Kroc center. All of which are within a 15 minute drive from the event site.

Where do I go to get in contact with disability services to make arrangements for accommodations beforehand?

On campus, there is a disabilities service office located in the  St. Joseph building, easily identifiable for you on the map,For specific questions regarding accessibility-related issues, please contact:

Karen Barnett

Director of Disability Services/Dean of Students

650 E. Parkway S.

Memphis, TN  38104

(901) 321-3536


Where is the nearest grocery store?

Kroger (1759 Union Ave.) is a 6 minute drive from the school.

Are there any emergency services that will be available on site?

There is a Fire station located within an appropriate distance of the CBU Campus. Methodist Hospital is also not far from site as well. You can also make use of the Live Safe application by following the link below: https://www.cbu.edu/livesafe

If you have any issue on campus Campus Security will be available to assist by calling the following number: (901) 321-3550