Top Online Casinos That Accept iDebit Deposits

To avoid sharing personal financial data, players should consider using a digital iDebit wallet as a convenient payment method for online casinos. Many sites offer iDebit, which is another term for an instant bank transfer, as a payment option, thereby ensuring a safe and secure connection for players.

iDebit casinos 2023

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Intro to iDebit

If you live in Canada, you are probably familiar with iDebit or at least heard of it. iDebit is a Canadian-based e-wallet that’s often accepted in Canadian online casinos for secure and fast transactions. As they’re accepted by nearly all Canadian banks, it makes it easy for you to play at iDebit casinos.

E-wallets like iDebit are preferred by the majority of online casino players because e-wallet transactions are much faster than debit cards or the like.

They’re also easier to set up with less information to fill in on the registration form. This way you won’t have to give your sensitive financial information to the online casino when you’re using iDebit and other e-wallets.

Online casinos that accept iDebit  - by category

We take into consideration many factors when reviewing iDebit casinos. First and foremost all of the online casinos that we review are safe to play at. Some of the other things we check out are:

  • Game libraries - How many games are offered and is there a good selection of titles. Is there a live casino or sportsbook section to the casino?
  • Platform - We check how smooth the platform runs and if there are often glitches.
  • Providers used - What providers power the games at the iDebit casino? Are they reputable providers or ones that are not as popular?
  • Payment options - What other payment options are available besides iDebit?

We have listed the iDebit casinos in these categories to make the choice for you much easier. You can check out the various casinos we review and then choose one that is the best one for your gaming situation. platforms, and most entertaining games.

Pros and cons of an iDebit casino

One of the most important qualities, when you’re looking for the best payment option to use in an online casino, is safety. For that, iDebit can guarantee all your transactions are safe and secure when you’re gambling. As an e-wallet, iDebit also takes little to no time to process your transactions, so you won’t have to wait for several business days for your money to arrive in your account.

Using iDebit also makes it possible for you to start playing and withdrawing money without having to put in sensitive financial information to ensure your anonymity. All in all, iDebit is really easy to use and hassle-free.

On the other hand, iDebit transactions come with a small fee. Compared to other e-wallets, iDebit isn’t the only payment option with fees, but there are other e-wallets that won’t charge you anything. It might feel like an extra step when you’re using iDebit, as you’ll have to move the funds back into your bank account later on. But, if anonymity is important for you, using iDebit can be very rewarding.


+ Safe

What makes iDebit safe for you to use in an online casino is that it’ll protect your banking information. You won’t have to share your banking credentials with any online casinos, so your data will be protected. iDebit also doesn’t require you to use a credit card, so you can control your spending directly from your online bank account.

+ Quick

As an e-wallet, iDebit will only take around minutes to several hours to process your online casino withdrawals. To know for sure, you’ll have to check your chosen iDebit casino as they’ll often have different processing times from one another. However, when you’re withdrawing from your iDebit to your bank account, it can take up to five business days.

+ Anonymous

As we’ve mentioned, using iDebit in iDebit casinos won’t require you to fill in any of your bank or financial information. You’ll be able to play almost instantly with fast registration using iDebit, and you’ll stay completely anonymous.

+ Easy to use

All e-wallets are much easier to use and set up compared to cards or other payment methods. As long as you have your iDebit ready, you can immediately use it to play.


- Fees

iDebit will charge you a $1.50 fee for every deposit you make to your chosen online casino. When you want to move the funds in your iDebit to your bank account, iDebit will also charge $2. Most payment methods with extra fees would use a percentage, so if you’re a high-roller, iDebit will be more profitable in the long run as it has a fixed fee.

- Trading convenience for anonymity

Using iDebit might feel like an extra unnecessary step, especially with the extra fee included. You can just use bank transfers without it, but if you prefer to not have any gambling transactions listed on your bank statement, this is but a small inconvenience.

Alternatives to iDebit casinos

If you’re looking for other payment methods besides iDebit, Paypal, Visa, and Interac are three of the best options.

PayPal still holds the trophy as the most popular online payment method.Many are using PayPal on a daily basis for various online purchases, so PayPal’s safety is proven and there are now many online casinos that accept the popular e-wallet.

Visa is another popular choice among online casino players. The popular credit card and debit card has low fees and is accepted at most online casinos. However, compared to e-wallets, withdrawal time can be much longer with Visa, as it is typically five business days.

The closest alternative to iDebit currently is Interac. They’re accepted in most Canadian online casinos and are also fast and safe. Although, like iDebit, Interac also has an extra fee for your transactions.

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