How to Use the Andrucci Roulette Strategy

The Andrucci roulette strategy is one that is truly high risk, high reward, but we don’t recommend it for players with a moderate bankroll. It’s ideal for players who believe there’s some probability of specific numbers appearing regularly. Below, we explore how this method works and its risks.

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Andrucci Strategy

The basic principle of the Andrucci strategy is that some numbers appear more frequently than others, and betting on these numbers gives you a better chance to win. The concept of lucky numbers has been a long companion to any gambling game, but especially for roulette.

The Andrucci system operates with the principles of chaos theory and physics. It states that the numbers aren’t truly random, and some obscure law of physics will ensure the ball lands more on particular numbers than others.

Below, we consider how you’d employ this strategy and explore how it works.

Step One - Make Even Money Bets

When you start using this strategy, you’ll first make between 30 and 37 even-money bets. These bets can be low stakes, and it doesn’t matter whether you bet on black/white, odd/even, or high/low (1-18 - 19-36). At the end of the day, these bets won’t matter much beyond the specific outcome of the ball and the pockets it lands in.

Step Two - Note Down the Winning Numbers

While you’re making your 30-37 even money bets, take note of the specific numbers it landed on during these rounds. The idea is that there are one to a few numbers recurring frequently. Once you’ve identified the number occurring the most, you designate it as your lucky number.

Step Three - Make Straight Bets

Since you’ve now seen the lucky number(s), you can start making straight bets. This part is where you can set your stake higher if you want. The idea is to bet on your chosen number for the next 20 to 37 spins. Some players state it’s better to keep it for a short cycle and bet a maximum of 25 times, while others say you must keep it to the same number of spins as your even-money test bets.

Step Four - Repeat All Steps

Once you’ve completed steps one to three, you need to start over. That’s because the theory believes this number is only valid for a short period before you start over again. However, with this strategy, you must keep a moderate bet or one your bankroll can easily support, as you’re playing up to 67 spins in one system cycle.


While the Andrucci strategy seeks to discover some underlying pattern on the wheel, there’s no proof this method actually succeeds in finding it. A significant part of the system’s results depends on the player’s intuition and luck, not on any observable pattern.

Further, straight-up bets have the lowest odds of winning, and it’s easy to lose a significant chunk of your bankroll simply by trying to make straight bets on your “lucky” number. So this high-risk strategy isn’t suitable if you don’t have the bankroll to support frequent losses.

Explore the Andrucci Gameplay

We tested this system to see what type of results we would get. We’d definitely recommend to any players trying this method for the first time to start by testing it in the free play demo mode. Doing this will give you a better understanding of how the Andrucci strategy works, and you won’t lose any money while doing so.

However, as you can see in the table below, even if your “lucky” number occurs four or five times while you’re testing it with even money bets, there’s no guarantee that this number will show up the same number of times when you start making straight bets.

If you land the number once, you’ll make up most of your potential  losses in one round of bets, while if you land the number twice, you’ll make up most of your losses in both the testing and straight-up rounds. However, for this method to really be lucrative, you must land the lucky number three times when making straight bets.

Of course, you can try to better your chance by making a small bet in the testing rounds, if the roulette variety allows it, and then a more significant stake in the straight-up bets. In that case, you cover all your wager if you land the “lucky” number once or twice.

Here are the details of when we checked the betting strategy:


Spins Bet Stake Lucky Number Occurrence Total Bets Profit Running Total
1-37 (Part 1) Even Money $1 5 $37 $12 -$25
1-25 (Part 1) Straight Up $2 1 $50 $70 -$5
1-37 (Part 2) Even Money $1 4 $37 $10 -$32
1-25 (Part 2) Straight Up $2 2 $50 $140 $58


However, let’s say you only landed the lucky number once in both cycles in this example. You’d be $12 out-of-pocket at the end of around 124 spins.

Andrucci Pros and Cons

The Andrucci system has more cons than other strategies, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad.


• You can get a potential solid profit if you lucky number hits multiple times
• It’s a simple strategy only betting on your lucky number


• Tries to create a pattern from a random chance game
• Extremely low odds on straight-up bets
• Requires a rather large bankroll to reap significant rewards
• Can drain your bankroll quickly

Is This System Worthwhile?

Roulette is ultimately a game of luck, so there’s no evidence supporting that this strategy can predict an underlying pattern of lucky numbers. It’s misleading to say this method can predict numbers and leads to players losing a large chunk of their bankroll. Land-based and online casinos know this, which is why they show the winning numbers of quite a few of the previous betting rounds.

Let’s say you check them out and in the last 15 spins 17 has hit three times. Often people think that the number is more likely to hit on the following spins. However, you need to know that in roulette previous spins have exactly zero bearing on what will come up in the following spins.

Even the above example keeps to the premise that you’ll land the number at least once or twice, but that’s not always the case. It might not show up at all, and then you’re at a maximum of $174 out-of-pocket, based on the above example.

Of course, you will probably win some from the even bets, but those winnings aren’t high as the payout is 1:1. Overall, we’d recommend this system to players with a significant bankroll. Otherwise, we’d rather recommend strategies like Labouchere or d’Alembert systems.