How to Use the Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli system is the reversed twin method of the Martingale strategy. Unlike the Martingale method characterized by progressive bets on losses, Paroli uses a positive progression stake system. Paroli is another strategy that more cautious players prefer using. It helps maximize winnings without cleaning your bankroll in one go. We looked at how Martingale worked previously, so let’s dive into the other side of the coin.

The Paroli System in Roulette Games

This method was introduced in the 20th century and directly contrast methods like d’Alembert and Martingale, which chases losses. In this strategy, you only double your bet when you win, which is the meaning of positive progression staking.

Further, when using this strategy, the goal is to win three times in a row before you start again with the original bet. Like this, the system ensures you don’t make too high stakes that risk damaging your bankroll.

However, this strategy isn’t suited for long-term play, as the probability of winning is usually lower than you expect, and it’s not focused on big wins but on minimized losses. Check out the below table to get an idea of how this system works on roulette spins.


Spin Bet Stake Result  Profit Running Total
1 Odds $1 Lose -$1 -$1
2 Odds $1 Lose -$1 -$2
3 Odds $1 Win $1 -$1
4 Odds $2 Win $2 $1
5 Odds $4 Win $4 $5
6 Odds $1 Lose $1 $4

Using the Paroli System

You use this system when making even bets, like outside bets on the roulette wheel. As such, it’s best to bet on odds/even, black/red, or 1-18/19-36 when using Paroli wagering. That’s because these bets have a 50% chance of winning and the payout is 1:1.

It’s best to start with a lower bet or make the original stake an amount you can comfortably keep betting and doubling without straining your bankroll. You keep the original wager until you land a win, after which you double the amount. If you lose the bet or land three wins in a row, then you revert the stake to the original amount and start over.

The vital aspect of this system is your chances of landing three wins in a row. We consider the probability of a European roulette wheel. With an even money bet, you bet on 18 numbers out of 37 numbers, as you need to consider the green zero pocket. That makes your win probability 48.6%. The likelihood of winning three times in a row is 11.5% or one in 8.86 times you spin.

The Paroli System Pros and Cons

While the Paroli system has fewer risks, that doesn’t mean there are no drawbacks at all.


• Easy to understand and use
• Cautious approach and fewer risks
• Table limits don’t matter
• It doesn’t require a large bankroll
• No sudden loss in bankroll


• This strategy wastes some wins
• Losses add up slowly
• Can result in small wins

The Opposite of the Paroli System

Opposite the Paroli system stands the Martingale system. Unlike Paroli, you double your stake each time you lose and reset it to the original amount when you win. The concept is that you win back your losses when you eventually win. However, this system carries the risk of an extensive losing streak and depleting your bankroll much faster than usual.

You also often win small amounts compared to how long you’ve been betting and need a large bankroll to sustain the strategy. Overall, this method is much riskier to use and requires a specific type of player with a substantial bankroll to succeed in this method. However, this isn’t an excellent strategy for the long term, as your probability of winning big is low.


Spin Bet Stake Result  Profit Running Total
1 Odds $1 Lose -$1 -$1
2 Odds $2 Lose -$2 -$3
3 Odds $4 Lose -$4 -$7
4 Odds $8 Win $8 $1
5 Odds $1 Win $1 $2
6 Odds $1 Lose -$1 $0

Paroli vs. Martingale: Which is the Best?

It’s challenging to compare these two methods, as they’re suited to different styles of playing. For players who love risks or have a significant bankroll, we recommend the Martingale strategy, as you have a better chance of successfully using it. However, always remain aware of the risks associated with this system, like extended losing streaks, significant losses, and low wins.

For players who prefer a more stable route, the Paroli system is better. You only maximize your wins, and you can keep your losses to the minimum. By landing three wins in a row, you’ll find you can get the occasional big win and won’t break your bankroll using it. However, it’s not devoid of flaws, and you can expect your losses to build up over time, which is why we don’t recommend it for long-term play.

No, you can’t beat the house edge using any strategy. That’s because it’s the casino’s mathematical advantage over the players, and players can’t influence this house edge.

No roulette strategy can guarantee a win, as these systems don’t interfere with or influence the roulette results in any way. Instead, this system ensures you minimize your losses and make safer bets.

There’s some measure of risk with any strategy, but the risk Paroli carries is lower than strategies like d’Alembert or Martingale.

Yes, since this is a betting system not dependent on the game, you can use it with any casino game, even when making sports bets.

Yes, this strategy is a good option for beginners, as it’s easy to understand and has a lower risk than Martingale. Beginners can use it when they familiarize themselves with casino games to lower the risk factor.