Tips for Playing Roulette

With a game of chance, like roulette, it can seem like there isn’t much you can do to improve your chances. While it’s true that you can’t use skills to secure a win, you can maximize your potential wins when playing. Plus, there are always ways to make the experience more enjoyable.

We’ve brought together our top tips for beginners and players who are already with the roulette wheel to take their game to the next level. Read on to find out how to get the best odds, which bets to make, and what you can do to enhance your chances of winning.

Roulette Tips for Beginners

There are three key factors that can vastly improve a beginner’s performance. The first is understanding the basic mechanics of the game. Each spin is independent of the others. Online roulette wheels use random number generators (RNGs), and live games have croupiers that spin the ball and the wheel in a way that produces results with no pattern.

Even if the game tells you the results of the previous spins, don’t use those to pick your next bet. What went before has no bearing on what will come next! You can learn more about different betting options on our roulette bet types page.

Second, familiarize yourself with roulette odds and payouts for the different bets. These two figures will enable you to make informed decisions about risk and reward.

Finally, start as simply as possible. We recommend choosing a standard variant, European roulette is our go-to. For your first wagers, choose outside bets. As you get more confident, explore some combination bets. They involve more risk but cover more options than wagering on a single number. Plus, they can lead to larger payouts than outside bets.

Top 10 Roulette Tips From the Experts

We’ve compiled our list of the top 10 ultimate roulette tips for any player to learn how to play roulette better.

  • Practice for Free

Find demo versions of the game online to get used to the chips, bets, odds, and payouts. You can’t pick up skills, but you can get more comfortable and make wiser choices without losing too much money.

  • Control Your Bankroll

We want you to have fun playing this classic table game. The best way to do that is to divide your bankroll into smaller chunks. You’ll be able to play for longer, won’t get that sinking feeling after a big loss, and won’t go chasing losses after you’ve spent all your cash for that session.

  • Only Gamble What You Can Afford

Following on from our previous point, only deposit what you don’t mind losing. Think of your roulette bankroll as an entertainment budget. Keep it fun by only spending an amount you’re happy to part with.

  • Choose Your Game Wisely

Picking a variant of roulette with the best odds will improve your odds and reduce the house edge. We recommend European or French roulette. Steer clear of American, and check the game rules for odds for any other variants you come across.

  • Safe Casinos Mean Safe Play

Where you play makes a difference. Your best experiences with roulette will come from sites with independently tested games, that payout and are trustworthy.

  • Don’t Rely on Predictions

Roulette is a random game of chance. There’s no formula for predicting what will come next. Just because it was an odd number on the last two spins, doesn’t mean that it’ll be even this time.

  • Know the Rules and Table Layout

The game is simple, but the betting requires a little knowledge of how things work. Don’t make a faux pas, such as trying to bet after the wheel starts spinning. Also, know where to position your chips to make inside and outside bets.

  • Go for the Best Odds

Outside bets give you the best odds. For longer play with the minimum table limit, your best chances for winning are to keep the majority of your wagers to red or black, high or low, odd or even, column, and dozen bets.

  • Mix It Up Occasionally

Not to contradict our previous point, but it’s worth adding a few inside bets to increase your payout. Remember, they come with more risk, so only choose corner or double street bets if your bankroll allows it.

  • Stay Away From the Worst Bets

A basket bet is the worst wager in roulette when playing on an American wheel. It has the highest house edge, meaning worse odds for you. Wagering on a single number is risky, too, and a fast way to drain your bankroll without seeing a win.

How To Win and Avoid Mistakes

Losing is part of playing. However, you can minimize the impact by changing how you play. Setting a limit controls the losses. It starts when you choose how much to deposit. Then plan the portion of your bankroll to spend on roulette. After that, figure out how long you’d like to play, and break it down into smaller limits for each bet.

If you’ve experienced a few losses in a row, go down to the table minimum on your combined bets and stick to only one or two outside bets. It might also be time for a break. Good decisions when gambling requires focus. Stepping away for a while can improve that.

Once you’re familiar with the odds and the payouts, you’ll want to maximize your wins. At this point, it’s worth exploring some betting systems. A betting system might also be referred to as a strategy. However, it’s not about improving your chance on each spin.

There’s no sure way to get a win. What you can do is have a predetermined betting pattern for when you’re winning and when you’re losing to help manage your bankroll and make the most out of the game.

Get Out There and Play!

There you have it. Our tips can help you have more fun and maximize your win potential when playing roulette. Choosing the best variant, knowing the odds and payout, and picking your bets accordingly will go a long way to enhancing your experience.

You’re armed with expert information, but it won’t do any good until you go out there and use it. The more you put it into practice, the more confident you’ll feel when playing roulette.

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