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Casino Games List

The number of lists that we can think of is exhaustive, guaranteeing that every Canadian visitor to our site will find something they like. Consider us the iGaming equivalent of Tim Hortons!

For example, we offer a 'Top 10 High Roller Slots List' for Canadians with a larger bankroll, higher risk appetite and willingness to make bigger bets. If you're simply not interested in penny slots and after something with even more excitement than the NFL coming to Canada (we can only dream), have a look at this list!

Maybe, you prefer to stick to penny slot games. Hey, that's ok too! We've got the perfect selection of games in mind.

Perhaps you're interested in finding an online casino but not quite sure what to make of them. The terms and conditions come with plenty of fine print, but who can understand all of that jargon? It can sometimes be more confusing than a Canadian income tax return! As they say, "The devil's in the details." Some terms can be unfair or downright predatory. There are a few bad apples (casinos) with checkered pasts that make them untrustworthy. For that, check out our 'Blacklisted Casino List' for casinos that you should avoid, like American beer.

How about our 'Best Game Provider List' where we point you in the right direction with our opinion on the top software providers? Our experts have seen hundreds of games. This makes them somewhat of an authority on the best features, the most incredible payouts, most over-the-top soundtracks, sound effects, graphics and more!

Proving that we're different than other websites, we even bring you a 'Top Gambling Stock List.' We'll tell you our picks for the best listed gambling stocks on markets around the world. From penny stocks to billion-dollar-plus companies - there are plenty of them! In Canada, we even have a few homegrown companies:

  • Great Canadian Gaming Corp (TSX: GC)

  • Pollard Banknote Ltd. (TSX: PBL)

  • Deq Systems Corp. (TSXV: DEQ)

  • eQube Gaming Ltd (TSXV: EQG)

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