10 Best Casinos with Sportsbetting Section

Sports betting, much like sports itself, is one of the most popular pastimes in the Canadian market. Since 2021, single-game sports betting has been fully legal throughout Canada's provinces and territories. This means many casinos have been adding a variety of sports betting options to their platforms. With so many choices for casino betting now taking place, many punters want to know the best live betting options available.

While there are many excellent casinos with sports betting sections, not every casino offers the best value for money. Some have even been known to take advantage of guests and leave them out of pocket. Therefore, here is our guide to the best and most reliable casinos with live betting around.

Different types of Sports Betting

When it comes to betting on sports, there is a range of options available. Guests are offered choices of either betting on the winning team, the margin of victory or the total points scored. Some of the most popular ways for live betting include:

Money Line: One of the most popular forms of online betting in Canada. Money Lines allow the player to simply bet on which team will win. The potential payouts for Money Lines depend on how likely the team is to win: bet on the underdog, and a player might net a huge return if they win.

Point Spread: This allows the player to bet on a team's margin of victory. So, the player is not just betting on which team will win but also how much they will win by. If the team wins by at least the amount of points the player bet on, then it is considered a win.

Over/Under Odds: This form of sports betting involves betting on the total number of points. To be specific, the player bets on the combined number of points between teams to be over or under a set total. If they bet under, and the total points are less than the set amount, then the player wins.

Parlay Bets: These types of bets are high risk but can earn high rewards. The player can make multiple bets; each bet must win for the full parley ticket to count. While risky, parley bets allow you to make multiple, low dollar bets that, if successful, can result in a considerable payout.

While there are many more sports betting options available, this is just a taste of the best live betting players can find at casinos with sports betting options.

The top 10 online casinos offering sports betting in Canada

1. SIA Casino

Formerly known as Sports Interaction Casino, SIA Casino is one of the most highly regarded online casinos operating in Canada. SIA Casino offers one of the best online sports betting casinos for Canadian gamblers, plus a wide diversity of gaming options. Some of the games they have for casino betting include slots, poker, bingo, and a wide range of jackpot and table games. SIA Casino has an excellent mobile casino website for live betting on the go. They also offer great customer support and easy banking options. The biggest strength of SIA Casino is their wide variety of games. While they may not have the latest features for each player's chosen game, they do cover every type of game reliably. This makes Sia Casino one of the best live betting casinos with sports betting in Canada today.

2. Bodog

Bodog was once a small online casino operating out of a small hog farm in Saskatchewan. Today, Bodog has become one of the biggest and most established online casinos in Canada. With years of experience, Bodog has established a legendary sports betting section with live betting on a range of markets, including football, horse racing and more. One of the most popular features Bodog offers is a 100% introductory bonus, matching the player's initial deposit. If a player deposits $100, then they will be given an extra $100 to bet with on sign up. In addition, Bodog offers an excellent selection of casino betting options: over 150 blackjack, table, slots and poker games, plus several specialty games. Players can easily access Bodog games through either browser or via mobile. In addition, they feature a range of excellent software features. As such, Bodog has earned their reputation over 20 years as one of the best live gambling casinos in Canada.

3. Betway Casino

Betway has come a long way since its initial launch in 2006. Despite early issues involving poor service and inefficient software, Betway have since become one of the best live betting casinos in the Canadian market. Betway always listens to the feedback of users and has continuously improved to become one of the best online casinos with an excellent sports betting section to match.

When a user signs up with Betway, they receive a 100% bonus on their first four deposits, up to $1800 in total. They also offer free spins on these deposits in their casino. Betway offers a loyalty program that can earn members free spins as they build up points on casino betting games. Finally, they offer over 12,000 markets for live betting, including many sports games in the US and Europe.

4. Bet365

Bet365 promotes itself as "the world's favourite online sports betting company". Whether this is true or not, it certainly is one of the best live betting casinos for the Canadian market today. Much of this is due to its superior sports betting section, offering a high level of live betting options covering many kinds of sports. While the sports betting section lies at the heart of Bet365's business model, they have since offered a wide range of additional casino betting options.

There are also a variety of exclusive live casino streams that players can bet on, including poker, blackjack and even trivia events. With excellent customer service and an exclusive loyalty program, visitors to Bet365 can expect an excellent sports betting experience.

5. Mr Green Casino

A recent addition to the live betting scene, Mr Green has earned a name for offering a unique casino betting experience. Mr Green was one of the first online casinos to offer software for player wallets. Since then, Mr Green has continued to innovate to meet the needs of clients, working with some of the best software companies in the industry. The casino offers an excellent sports betting section covering the best live betting options from around the globe.

There is a welcome bonus of a 100% match up to $1200 on the first deposit, plus 200 free spins on selected slot machines. With over 200 casino betting games available, over 60 live dealers, and first-rate customer service, Mr Green is one of the highest quality casinos around.

6. 10bet Casino

When it comes to sports betting options, 10bet has all bases covered. Where many online casinos start with table and slot games and add sports betting options later, 10bet established their live betting elements first. As such, 10bet have solid experience in providing a variety of betting offerings, making them one of the best live betting options in Canada. At the moment, 10bet offers over 2000 pre-match and live betting options, 60,000 monthly events, and over 25,000 monthly in-play events.

They even offer betting on eSports tournaments. In addition, 10bet offers a range of excellent casino betting options such as table and slot games, plus a VIP club with exclusive gifts and offers.

7. William Hill

One of the oldest names in the casino industry, William Hill has been around since 1934. Starting out offering bets through mail and phone, William Hill has grown to feature their own line of betting shops. They entered the online casino market in the 1990s, and since then, have added a wide variety of live betting and casino betting options.

Their sports betting section is vast yet easy to navigate, covering everything from regular events to occasional events such as the Olympics. They also offer some of the best live betting options, including football, snooker, tennis and basketball. A solid name in the gambling scene with an excellent reputation, William Hill comes highly recommended to any gambler.

8. LeoVegas Casino

Since it was launched in 2012, LeoVegas Casino has gone on to win multiple awards. Regarded as one of the best online casinos in only a few years, it continues to evolve to meet the demands of the live betting market. LeoVegas Casino offers two main sites: a casino and a sports betting site. Their casino offers a wide range of slots, table and poker games. Their betting section, on the other hand, covers more than 30 sports and hundreds of markets.

LeoVegas Casino has first-rate customer service and is always informing players of upcoming promotions and new games available. In addition, they have great mobile support and an excellent rewards program for loyal customers.

9. N1bet Casino

One of the newest additions to the casino betting world, N1bet already offers a wide selection of casino and sports betting options. Their betting section offers over 40 varieties of sports to bet on, plus a welcome bonus of $150 and a free bet. The casino itself features over 5000 individual games, plus a games lobby where players can meet and play their favourite games.

In addition, N1bet Casino provides 24-hour customer support, a wide range of payment options, and multiple language support. While the site is still new and some features are yet to be fully implemented, this is still an excellent new casino to try.

10. Betinia Casino

Built from the ground up to offer players a reliable and safe live betting experience, Betinia is a great choice for newcomers. Betinia's sports betting section is one of the biggest draws to the online casino, with popular sports such as football and tennis, as well as rarer options like skiing and eSports. In addition, there's a range of casino gambling options plus an excellent VIP loyalty program.

Betinia has made their site easy to use and sign up with, while also ensuring all transactions are encrypted with the highest security measures. As such, this is an excellent option for those looking for a casual game or having any concerns about safety.


One of the features that make these casinos with sports betting the best live betting experience around is their variety. Not only do they offer an excellent selection of casino gambling options, but also a huge selection of sports and betting choices. Security and ease of use are other factors that make the casinos listed among the best in the Canadian market today.

While not vital to the reliability and quality of online casinos, promotions and sign-up bonuses are also a welcome addition. Finally, all the casinos listed offer excellent customer support and even loyalty programs to make guests feel even more welcome. We believe the online casinos with sports betting listed above are the best in the Canadian market today.

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