Responsible Gambling


Introduction to Responsible Gambling

Playing at an online casino is fun, but the experience can quickly become quite different if you don't exert some form of control. This is where responsible gambling comes in, and it involves a set of tools and features created to help players deal with their gambling.    Online casinos provide a wide range of tools to assist you, and they partner with reputable organizations to provide you with helplines, gambling tips, and more, for a safe gambling experience. Here at Online Casino List we also put a focus on these things, so readers can rest assured there is always help available if they need it.  

Signs of Problem Gambling

Gambling can lead to mental issues, depression, money issues, and a plethora of problems if you’re not careful. If you always have gambling in your mind and plan all your activities around gambling or how to find money to gamble, you may have a problem.


The same goes for the urge to increase your bet sizes over time to recapture the thrill of early plays. If you’ve tried to control or stop your gambling and went back to it, it’s also a sign of struggle. 


Don’t neglect your mood, either. You shouldn’t feel irritable or agitated when you’re not gambling. Chasing losses and compromising on your personal or professional life to gamble also means you must take action, especially if it results in borrowing to cover your financial losses.

Setting Gambling Limits

Too much of a good thing can be intoxicating, and gambling is something that’s best enjoyed in moderation. Before playing at a casino, online or land-based, you should define a bankroll and stick to it. 

Reputable online casinos allow you to set daily, weekly, or monthly limits for your deposits. It’s also an excellent idea to set loss limits so you don’t go overboard and start chasing your losses.


Another limit many people forget is the time limit. If you just play without planning when you’ll stop, you won’t see the time go by, and it may lead to spending more time gambling than is healthy.


The way to set these limits at an online casino can vary, but you’ll usually have a responsible gambling tab in your dashboard, if the casino didn’t offer you to set limits upon registration. In this tab, the casino will let you set all the limits previously mentioned. If it’s not enough, you can resort to self-exclusion to protect yourself.


Have you detected signs of problem gambling in your behavior, but you don’t think you can limit yourself? Then, it may be time to self-exclude from your online casino accounts. Self-exclusion is a measure all licensed online casinos must implement to prevent problematic gambling. 


This feature lets you ask the casino to temporarily or permanently block your access to your own casino account. Land-based casinos also offer this if you provide a photo of yourself. At online casinos, you’ll usually find a menu dedicated to responsible features in your account’s dashboard.


There, you can ask the casino to block your access to the account for a cool-down period or permanently. When you auto-exclude, the exclusion can be applied to other online casinos, so you’ll also be kept away from other online casinos on the same network. 


It’s a solution for compulsive gamblers that need actual barriers to stop playing online, and it’s also recommended to contact a gambling addiction organization to be removed from marketing ledgers and stop receiving emails.

Responsible Gambling Tools and Features

Online casinos offer a wide variety of tools and features to help players keep their gambling healthy, and it’s not only for those with a problem. Most online casinos will let you set deposit limits so that you can manage your bankroll. 


You’ll also have the possibility to ask for cool-off periods when you think you deserve a break or request self-exclusion if things start getting overwhelming. 


Responsible tools can also help you while you’re playing with wagering limits to prevent you from betting too much, or impose time limits to keep a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you can also sometimes enable a reality check feature, which is a pop-up appearing at regular intervals to remind you how long you’ve been playing. 


Whether you’re struggling with gambling or not, these tools can help you keep your gambling healthy, and you should use them to ensure a pleasant experience all the way.

Support Organizations

With the increasing number of online casinos across the internet, governments and associations have created support organizations and helplines providing the necessary support to those who feel they have a gambling problem. 


These sites are filled with resources freely accessible, including links to counselors, support groups, and self-help programs. Moreover, online casinos list the organizations they work with at the bottom of their web pages for quick access.


Furthermore, when you contact these organizations, you’ll find people ready to help you without judging you, and the guarantee that your personal information won’t be shared with third parties. Here are the most prominent support organizations:


Organization Website Helpline Email Live Chat Availability
BeGambleAware 0808 8020 133 [email protected] Yes 24/7
Gambling Therapy None [email protected] Yes 24/7
National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) Call 1-800-GAMB (202.547.9204)



[email protected] No 24/7
800Gambler 1-800-GAMBLER (609-588-5515) Form on their website Yes 24/7


Responsible Gambling Tips

Do you want to play responsibly and keep your casino experience light and fun? Then these gambling tips are here for you!

  • Don’t Gamble Under The Influence

If you want to gamble responsibly, never play when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These products can often lead to poor decision-making, especially with money.

  • Take Regular Breaks

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t spend a single minute more gambling. Go outside, take a deep breath, see your friends or your family. Just like work, it’s essential to take regular breaks to clear up your mind and not let the game take over. 


The duration and regularity of the breaks will depend on you, but you should always have some, even if this break means being done for the day.

  • Don’t Isolate Yourself

Gambling is so gripping it’s easy to lose touch with the real world and significant others. Don’t go down that road; keep healthy communication with your family about your gambling. They’re here to support you and help you fight gambling addiction. 


If you have no one to talk to, you can still reach out to one of the support organizations we’ve mentioned or go to a group meeting near you. 

  • Never Chase The Money You’ve Lost

Have you lost money? Remember, it’s part of the game, and the house always wins, so don’t go in a frenzy betting increasingly insane amounts in the hopes of cutting back on your losses; you’ll simply keep digging the hole you’ve created for yourself.

  • Set A Budget and Respect It

Gambling is entertainment, not a miracle solution to your problems, so you should never expect to solve them by winning a jackpot. Hence, the vital need for a gambling “budget” (a bankroll). 


The money you use to gamble shouldn’t prevent you from paying your rent, buying a gift, or paying your bills. It should be disposable income; keep this money separate from your expenses.