Online Mini Roulette

Online Roulette is a special version of Roulette that was developed especially for beginner players. The game combines the features of European and French Roulette into a more compact version. Instead of the standard 36 or 37 pocket Roulette wheel that is used for standard Roulette versions, Mini Roulette makes use of a compact wheel that has only 13 pockets. The wheel features numbered pockets that range from 1 to 12, and there is a single zero pocket on the wheel. Because a smaller wheel is used, the game automatically has fewer available bets than European, French or American Roulette.

Some History about the Mini Roulette game

Roulette is a French word that means small wheel, and this aptly describes the small wheel that is used to play Roulette. In the case of Online Mini Roulette in Canada, this wheel is even smaller than the one found in a classic Roulette game. Mini Roulette was developed by the online casino games developer Playtech, and it is designed to offer players the same level of enjoyment as a game of European or French Roulette. The game is based on European Roulette, and as such, its history can be traced back to 18th century France, where it was invented by the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. Mini Roulette is played exclusively in online casinos, and the game is (usually) not available in live versions.

Mini Roulette: An Overview

Mini Roulette takes the game of Roulette and scales it down to a more convenient size, especially for beginners. The game uses a smaller Roulette wheel that is designed to give players the full experience of Roulette without the use of complicated bets. Furthermore, Online Mini Roulette in Canada takes some of the rules that are usually only applicable to French Roulette and applies them to the game, thereby combining the best of European Roulette with the best of French Roulette. The game uses a Roulette wheel with only 13 pockets instead of the regular 37. Mini Roulette has a significantly higher house edge than other versions of Roulette. This is due to the size of the Roulette wheel and the reduction in the number of possible bets.

How to Play Mini Roulette Online

Although Mini Roulette was first introduced by the gaming giant Playtech, a few of the other online casino game providers have released their own versions of the game.

Pick a Game

While all the rules remain the same, irrespective of the game developer, the graphics and appearance of the wheel and table may differ from online casino to online casino. This gives players the opportunity to pick the game they like the most, and this is why it is important to choose the game that you like the most when playing Online Mini Roulette in Canada.

Choose your Stakes

Mini Roulette offers a variety of different stakes for players to choose from. The right stake for you depends mainly on how much risk you are willing to take. Mini Roulette offers most of the bets that can be found in European Roulette, so there are both inside and outside bets to choose from. In addition, Mini Roulette offers players the advantage of using the “la partage” rule, which makes it easier for players to recover at least half of their wager when they place a losing bet. Players can also benefit from using one of the familiar Roulette betting strategies when playing Mini Roulette.

Place your Bets

Once you have decided on the stake you would like to wager; it is time to place your bet. In Mini Roulette, you can place inside and outside bets. The right bet for you will depend mainly on the amount of risk you are comfortable with. If you are happy to take a bigger risk in return for a bigger reward, inside bets might be a good option for you. However, if you prefer to limit your risk, outside bets might be a better idea. Most bets available in the full versions of Roulette games are also available in the Online Mini Roulette version. Once you have placed your bets, you are ready to spin the Roulette wheel.

Spin Button

All online Roulette games, including Online Mini Roulette, are equipped with a spin button. This button takes the place of a croupier or dealer, and clicking on it will allow you to start a new round of Online Mini Roulette. As soon as you click on the spin button, the Roulette wheel will start spinning, and as the wheel decelerates, the small ball will eventually come to rest in one of the 13 pockets on the Roulette wheel. The number that the ball comes to rest on is the winning bet.

How is Mini Roulette different to the typical Roulette?

Online Mini Roulette offers all of the same bets and benefits that regular Roulette offers, but the wheel is smaller. Because of the smaller wheel, the game is less complicated to play and is more suited to beginner players. Online Mini Roulette in Canada has another differentiating characteristic that cannot be found in any of the other Roulette versions. The game includes the “la partage” rule, which it borrows from French Roulette. Thus, Mini Roulette can be seen as a combination of European and French Roulette that is played on a smaller wheel. It is important to note that the “la partage” rule can only be applied to outside bets, and it is not applicable to any inside bet.

Betting Options in Mini Roulette

Online Mini Roulette offers several of the bets that are available in regular Roulette games. The bets are generally divided into two main groups, which are referred to as inside and outside bets. In general, inside bets carry more risk and offer higher rewards, while outside bets have less risk and offer lower rewards. In some cases, bets that are usually available on the larger Roulette wheels have to be modified to work with the smaller wheel in Mini Roulette. This includes the dozen bet, which would normally allow a player to bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen of numbers on the wheel. In Mini Roulette, this bet becomes the third bet and allows a player to bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd set of three numbers on the Mini Roulette wheel. Some of the inside bets include:

• Straight bets: In this case, a bet is placed on a specific number, and the odds are 11:1. • Split bets: In this case, a bet is placed on two adjacent numbers, and the odds are 5:1. • Street bets: Here, a bet is placed on a row of three adjacent numbers, and the odds are 3:1. • Line bets: In this case, a bet is placed on two adjacent rows of numbers, and the odds are 3:1. • Corner bets: In the case of a corner bet, a player bets on four numbers that are arranged in a square pattern on the table. The odds for corner bets are 2:1.

In addition, online live dealer Roulette also offers the standard outside bets that can be found in European Roulette. The outside bets include:

• Column bets: In this case, a bet is placed on three columns of numbers, and the odds are 2:1. • Third bets: Here, a player can choose to place a bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd set of three numbers on the wheel; the odds for this bet are 2:1. • Red/black bets: This is a very straightforward bet that requires the player to bet on all the black or all the red numbers on the wheel. The odds for black/red bets are 1:1. • Odd/even bets: Even/odd bets are one of the simplest bets in Roulette and simply require the player to select either the odd numbers or the even numbers. The bet pays 1:1. • Low/high bets: The Roulette wheel is divided into low and high numbers. The low numbers start at 1 and end at 18, while the high numbers start at 19 and end at 36. A player can bet on either the high numbers or the low numbers, and the odds for this type of bet is 1:1.

Although Mini Roulette borrows the “la partage” rule from French Roulette, the advanced or call bets that can normally be found in French Roulette are not available in Mini Roulette. This is why the game is often described as a good choice for beginners. The advanced bets in French Roulette require a larger wheel to work, and this is another reason for their unavailability in Mini Roulette.

Mini Roulette odds and payout charts

Although Online Mini Roulette in Canada does not offer the same low house edge that French or European Roulette offers, it is still one of the most rewarding casino table games to play. The average house edge in Mini Roulette is around 7.8%, which is considered to be on the lower end of the spectrum for a casino table game. The game offers similar bets and odds to European or French Roulette because the game is essentially based on these games. The game offers a variety of bets, and each of these bets has its own unique odds and payout rates. Odds range from 11:1 to 1:1, depending on the type of bet that a player places. In general, inside bets have higher odds than outside bets, but the flip side is that inside bets come with higher risks than outside bets. As a whole, Mini Roulette offers good odds, and players can look forward to an enjoyable game when opting to play Mini Roulette online.

Our tips on winning at Mini Roulette

In essence, Roulette is a game of random luck, and this is what makes the game so intriguing and exciting. However, this also means that there isn’t too much that a player can do to improve their odds of placing a winning bet. The game was designed with fairness in mind, which is why it has a significantly lower house edge than many other casino table games. One of the best ways a player can improve their odds of winning in Online Mini Roulette is by playing the game following one of the well-known Roulette strategies. Almost all of these strategies are based on outside bets, which means they cannot be used for placing inside bets. That said, the most important tip for a successful game of Roulette is to have fun and enjoy playing the game.


Online Mini Roulette was created by the leading online game developer Playtech to make Roulette more accessible to novice gamblers. The game features a smaller, more compact Mini Roulette wheel that has 13 pockets instead of the normal 37 or 38 pockets. Mini Roulette combines the best aspects of French Roulette with the best aspects of European Roulette into one game, and this is what makes the game so popular amongst Roulette lovers of all experience levels.