Online No Zero Roulette

Online No Zero Roulette is a unique version of Roulette that completely cuts the house edge in Roulette. The game is based on European Roulette, but there is one key difference between the wheels that are used to play the game. When you play No-Zero Roulette online, the Roulette wheel does not have a zero at all. There are only 36 numbered pockets on the wheel, and this means that the game doesn't have a house edge. No-Zero Roulette can be considered a truly fair game because of this unique attribute. Unlike many of the other Roulette variants, No-Zero Roulette is only available in online casinos, and the game cannot be played in land-based casinos at all. However, aside from the different wheel that is used in the game, the game is based purely on European Roulette, which means that all the bets that can be found in European Roulette are also available in Online No-Zero Roulette.

Some History about No-Zero Roulette

Online No-Zero Roulette was launched relatively recently as an adaptation of European Roulette. The game is produced by the online casino game developing giant Microgaming. The very first Roulette game was invented in France in the 18th century by a French mathematician called Blaise Pascal. The game has been a firm favourite in land-based casinos and online casinos ever since its inception. In traditional European Roulette, there is a house edge of about 5.8%, but in No-Zero Roulette, the house has no edge due to the fact that there is no zero pocket. Roulette is a very popular game amongst online casino patrons, and online No-Zero Roulette in Canada makes the game even more attractive to Roulette lovers.

No Zero Roulette: An Overview

No-Zero Roulette borrows all of its rules and characteristics from European Roulette, and the game is based on the same principles. However, the Roulette wheel is different because it doesn't have a zero. The wheel is made up of 36 divisions or pockets, which are numbered from one to 36. The game works the same as European Roulette, which means that the bets and odds are similar. The game does offer players the benefit of a very low house edge due to the absence of the zero pocket. The same strategies that can be used for European Roulette can also be used when you play No-Zero Roulette online in Canada.

How to Play No Zero Roulette Online

Several of the leading online games platform developers have a version of No-Zero Roulette available, and players are spoilt for choice when it comes to the availability of Online No-Zero Roulette games.

Pick a Game

While the different developers might use differing designs for the Roulette wheel or the board, the rules of the game stay exactly the same as in European Roulette. This means that players can pick an online No-Zero Roulette game from any of the developers without needing to worry about differing rules.

Choose your Stakes

Online No-Zero Roulette offers a variety of different stakes for players to choose from, which means that the main factor to consider when placing a bet is the amount of risk that a player is willing to take. The bets in the game are exactly the same as those that can be found in European Roulette, and they are divided into inside and outside bets. In essence, inside bets offer better odds but come with higher risks, while outside bets offer lower risks and gains. Roulette strategies can also be used when you play No-Zero Roulette online, and using one of these strategies can slightly improve the chances of placing a winning bet.

Place your Bets

After you have chosen your stakes, it is time to place your bets. Placing bets in this version of online No-Zero Roulette works exactly the same as in other versions of Roulette, and since the bets mirror those that are available in European Roulette, players who are accustomed to European Roulette will have no problems in understanding the bets in online No-Zero Roulette. Choosing and placing your bets is one of the most important steps in online No-Zero Roulette, and it is, therefore, important that the risks and odds are carefully considered before any bet is placed.

Spin Button

This version of Roulette also comes with the iconic online Roulette spin button that is used to start the round. Once all the bets have been placed, a player can click on the spin button to start the spinning motion of the Roulette wheel. As the Roulette wheel decelerates, the ball will fall into a specific pocket on the Roulette wheel. The pocket that the ball comes to a standstill inside is the winning number, and any bets that have been placed on this number will be paid out. The spin button in Online No-Zero Roulette in Canada replaces the croupier or dealer that would normally be found in a land-based casino or an online live casino game.

How is No Zero Roulette different to the typical Roulette game?

No Zero Roulette differs from all other variants of Roulette in one specific area. Online No Zero Roulette does not have a zero pocket on the Roulette wheel, and as such, the game has a significantly lower house edge. The game is based on European Roulette, and it follows the rules of the European version of the game. In addition to this, the game also offers the same bets as those that can be found in European Roulette. Online No Zero Roulette is hugely popular in both the Canadian and the international online casino markets.

Betting Options in No Zero Roulette

No-Zero Roulette is based on European Roulette and, therefore, offers all the benefits and betting options that can be found in that version of the game. In general, bets are divided into inside bets and outside bets, and the risk/reward ratio is also divided along those lines. Understanding the different betting options that are available in the online No-Zero Roulette game is key to placing winning bets and earning a good profit on your wagers. Some of the inside bets available include:

• Straight bets: In this case, a bet is placed on a specific number, and the odds are 35:1. • Split bets: In this case, a bet is placed on two adjacent numbers, and the odds are 17:1. • Street bets: Here, a bet is placed on a row of three adjacent numbers, and the odds are 11:1. • Line bets: In this case, a bet is placed on two adjacent rows of numbers, and the odds are 5:1.

The game also includes the standard outside bets that can be found in European Roulette. The outside bets include:

• Column bets: In this case, a bet is placed on three columns of numbers, and the odds are 2:1. • Dozen bets: Here, a player can choose to place a bet on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd dozen of numbers on the wheel; the odds for this bet are 2:1. • Red/black bets: This is a very straightforward bet that requires the player to bet on all the black or all the red numbers on the wheel. The odds for black/red bets are 1:1. • Odd/even bets: Even/odd bets are one of the simplest bets in Roulette and simply require the player to select either the odd numbers or the even numbers. The bet pays 1:1. • Low/high bets: The Roulette wheel is divided into low and high numbers. The low numbers start at 1 and end at 18 while the high numbers start at 19 and end at 36. A player can bet on either the high numbers or the low numbers, and the odds for this type of bet is 1:1.

It is important to bear in mind that since the game is based on European Roulette, the bets that are available in French or American Roulette cannot be used when you play No-Zero Roulette online in Canada.

No Zero Roulette odds and payout charts

Online No-Zero Roulette has a vast amount of betting combinations to choose from, and players are spoilt for choice with both high-risk and low-risk betting options available. In general, online No-Zero Roulette follows the rules of European Roulette and offers the same odds and payout options. Each of the bets has a specific payout that is fixed and expressed as a ratio. For example, a bet with a payout of 11:1 means that if the player wins a round, their original wager will be multiplied by 11, which results in a total payout of the original wager times 12. However, the presence of eight wheels instead of just one means that the odds are tipped in the player's favour, and the risk is reduced further when a strategy is used to place bets in Roulette. Online No-Zero Roulette in Canada has no house edge, and this is the main factor that makes the game exceedingly attractive to Roulette players.

Our tips on winning at No Zero Roulette

The fact that online No-Zero Roulette doesn't have a zero pocket makes it a very attractive option for Roulette lovers. That said, it is important to remember that Roulette is a game of luck, and there is not very much that can be done to improve the odds of winning the game. One of the best ways to win in Roulette is consistency and playing the game according to one of the strategies that have been developed specifically for European Roulette. In addition to this tip, it is important to remember that one important aspect when you play No-Zero Roulette online is to place low-risk bets until you become more accustomed to the game. Once you have gained some confidence, you can switch to placing riskier bets when you play No-Zero Roulette online, such as inside bets and specific number bets.


No Zero Roulette brings a new twist to the Roulette landscape by significantly reducing the house edge to almost nothing while still retaining all the benefits of European Roulette. The game offers a large selection of bets with good odds, but there are also several lower-risk bets for those who are looking for a safer bet. The game is one of the most popular Roulette options, and it is available in a large number of Canadian online casinos. When played in accordance with a specific Roulette strategy, it is possible to make a good profit in this game, especially when placing a specific number bet that has a large payout. Online No Zero Roulette in Canada is a good choice for anyone who is new to Roulette because of the lower house edge and the large selection of bets that are available.