Canada Land Based Casino Overview

Canadian gambling laws are fragmented, with most legislated at the provincial rather than the Federal level. This means that the availability of different forms of gaming can be quite different between provinces. This applies to charitable gaming, online casinos, VLTs, provincial lotteries, sports betting, pari-mutuel racing, et cetera.

The brick and mortar casino experience

As is the case with online casino regulations, differences also apply to land-based casinos in each province. The availability of commercial/provincially-run and First Nations casinos can shift from one extreme to another depending on the region.

Land-based casinos may be located far apart, but they all offer a similar selection of slot machines and table games: Ultimate Texas Hold 'em, 3/4 Card Poker, craps, blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Double Zero Roulette, Let it Ride Bonus Poker, mini-baccarat, roulette, et cetera. Furthermore, they are home to hundreds of slot machines, including mystery jackpots or progressive jackpots.

A typical highlight of many of these casinos is to offer excellent dining. Sometimes, this can be based on regional cuisine. For example, visitors to a Nova Scotia casino may be able to feast on Atlantic lobster. On the other hand, visitors to a casino in Alberta may get a chance to taste some 'Grade A' Alberta beef.

Another common feature of land-based casinos is the rewards offered to visitors. These can often be cashed in for discounts on food and beverages, VIP casino host service, draws & promotions, freeplay slots or other perks.

Finally, the location of many of these casinos gives visitors another excuse to visit a land-based casino. For example, a Quebec casino may be located in 'ski country.' In contrast, an Alberta casino may be found in and around the famous West Edmonton Mall. Some Ontario casinos Are Located in 'Cottage Country,' while the casinos in Nova Scotia face the beautiful Atlantic coast.

Land-based Casinos by Province

Each of our provincial overview pages provides info on land-based casinos that are available. This includes both First Nations, if available, and provincially run facilities. We take a look at some locations, rewards programs, casino games & slot games, restaurants, local attractions and more.

The eastern (Maritime) provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have two provincial casinos each. However, neither has any First Nations casinos operating in their province. Find out about what makes these four casinos standouts in Canada.

Likewise, we also cover the Central Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario. The province of Québec has four land-based casinos operated by The Société des casinos du Quebec. Find out why you might want to make one or more your next vacation destination. Across the provincial border, the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation (OLG) manages 27 gaming facilities, including casinos and racetrack casinos. It was tough, but we managed to select five favourites to tell you about.

Finally, we head to Canada's West Coast, where we look at land-based casinos in British Columbia and neighbouring Alberta. Find out all about our top five casinos in each province and what makes them attractive places to visit.

There is always more than one reason to visit a land-based casino in Canada. What are yours?